Galina rimbu (RU)


Galina Rimbu was born in a factory settlement in the Siberian city of Omsk in 1990, and her childhood years coincided with the economic and social collapse that marked the first post-Soviet decade. It is no accident that when she moved to Moscow to train as a poet at the Literary Institute, she developed a voice rich with militancy and social consciousness. Her breakthrough came in 2013-14 with a series of long poems – about student uprisings, the possibility of proletarian poetry, the destitution of sexuality in a world of violence and power, and the intense erotic connection of political struggle itself. Her poems have become more phenomenological in recent years, searching out the contours of political affect in a time of emergency and defeat. Rymbu’s philosophy of history—always the centerpiece of her worldview—is also changing, becoming more slow, careful, and sophisticated. If before, she called upon History to “sing its wrath”, now it is the stuttering temporality of the everyday that dominates, linked to the rhythm of the breath and resistant to the productive flow of language. In her most recent work, an image of post-global catastrophe comes to the fore, following lonely, migrating subjects who call gender and national identities into doubt. Finally, in the new cycle Cosmic Avenue, Rymbu combines the personal and the political, reflecting on her childhood experiences in a town where the old Soviet street names refer to a utopia, the ruins of which now host new communities of intimacy and poverty and new methods for surviving without hope.» (Jonathan Brooks Platt, Arc Poetry Magazine

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