Karin Moe (NO)

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Karin Moe (Skien, 1945). Poet, novelist, essayist, copywriter and literary critic. Raised in coastland and on the great horizon of Norway, by a loving heathen family. Urban awakening to poetry of surrealisme and experimentaion in the roaring feminist 1970ies, theorized by Luce Irigaray and Jacques Derrida. Avantgarde activism and performace in politic poetics, member of The Stunt Poets !983-85. Retreat in prayer and praise 2000 - 2010. Comeback girl with Scriptures, 2012.

Selection of works: Genderwrit - poems, 1980, 39 FLIGHTS with Louise Labé, 1983, KYKA/1984 - crime for children, 1984, GENRE - essayistics, 1985, Blove book 1 - tryptique, 1990, Reality- sentences and dictionary, 2013.