Juliana Venter (za)


Operatically trained vocalist known for her versatility and extreme expression. She was lead singer for the cult performance art group The Mud Ensemble in Johannesburg .This group was known for their boundary pushing work through their performances and received cult status for their work as pioneers in the field of Avant Garde music and performance art in South Africa during the 1990s. They where also known for their work against Apartheid .

She is also a film and theatre actress trained in the Meisner technique and Method by Susan Batson ( Nicole Kidman , Juliette Binoche) she has acted in plays such as King Lear playing the part of Gonoril and of late Yvette in Bertolt Brechts " Mother Courage." In 2017 she will be playing the leading role in a feature film based on the story of a Boer family at the end of Apartheid.

A resident of Berlin for the past fifteen years she has also been an actress and singer in dance theatre and also released and appeared on several albums. The album named " spooky attraction from a distance" was seen as an important work in the Avant folk world and was mentioned alongside the work of Anthony Hegarty , Joanna Newsome and Beth Gibbons as influential in this field. Furthermore she has worked extensively with Ramsay Mackay acclaimed poet and songwriter from the band Freedoms Children . In 2015 she was in the music theatre piece called "the Congress of dreams" at the black box in Oslo directed by Susanne Ogland and written by Oyvind Berg. Most recently she was asked to co create and perform /sing with leading saxophonist Rolf - Erik Nystrom a series of concerts for the opening of the Asger Jorn and Edvard Munch exhibition.