Ingar zachS (NO)


Ingar Zachs is one of Norways most active and respected musicians in the field of experimental music and sound art. Ingar ZAch is an improviser, composer and percussionist and  is known for the wide range of sounds in his instrument. He plays his percussion in a very dynamic, but still energetic way. He uses percussion, gongs and devises like; propellers, bows, sruti-box and tabla machine and electronics as parts of his extended drumkit. He is dedicated to improvised/contemporary music and is regularly touring and recording with his fixed ensembles, but also in different ad-hoc projects in Europe, Canada, SouthAmerica, Japan and USA. As a composer he is active in his regular ensembles, and also continuosly working with developing his solo pieces which involves percussion, electronics and fieldrecordings. His solo work now comprises 5 albums and is used in different genres, such as film, dance and art performances.




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