Håvard Rem (NO)

Photo: Kristian Jacobsen

Photo: Kristian Jacobsen

Håvard Rem (NO), born in 1959, has published ten poetry books – from his debut Wake Up the Mighty Men (1977) untill his epic poetry book 30 40 50 (2012). His Selected Poems is published as a book in Norwegian, Russian, Arabic and Italian.

Bands and artists like a-ha, Keizers Orchestra, Vamp, Morten Harket Åge Aleksandersen and Kari Bremnes have performed his poems, lyrics and translations of lyrics. His translations of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet have been staged on the main theatres in Norway. Rem has written travelogues  fra Asia, Africa og The Middle East, og has written biographies or monographs on Erik Mykland, Aril Edvardsen, Tor Erling Staff and Bjarte Baasland. 

Rem has written different music related books with a focous on poems and lyrics: Den femfotete kamel. Artikler om poesi (1991), Bob Dylan (1999), Innfødte skrik. Norwegian black metal (2010), Hank (2012) and Leonard Cohen. Liv og karriere (2015)

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