He Dong (CN/NO)

Photo: Julie Pike

Photo: Julie Pike

He Dong (CN/NO), born in Beijing, came to Norway in 1985 as a post-graduate student. She received Cand. scient. degree in physiology and Dr. philos. degree in medicine, and has worked as an acupuncturist and researcher at University of Oslo.

As a writer, He Dong has published her first poetry collection in China, and later three poetry collections in Norway. She has also published a collection of short stories in Norway, and the book was translated and published in USA. In addition, He Dong has been engaged in introducing the Norwegian lyric works to China. She translated and published in China a collection of works of 12 contemporary Norwegian poets, and a collection of Henrik Ibsen’s poems in “The Complete Works of Ibsen” in Chinese.

He Dong has worked as board-member in different literature organizations in Norway. 

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