Gro Dahle (NO)

Gro Dahle (NO), born in 1962 in Oslo, is a writer and poet. She has published eight volumes of poetry for grown ups and two collections of poetry for children. She doesn’t only write poetry, but prose and drama and children’s literature as well  and received several awards for her work, especially for her poetry and also for the picture books, which she has made with her illustrator-husband Svein Nyhus or her daughter Kaia Nyhus. These picture books are for all ages and are about serious topics like violence in the family, death of a loved one, neglect, aggression, jealousy, psychiatric conditions,  and several of them have been translated to many languages all over the world. As well as writing, she has worked at a publishing house as a consultant on poetry, andshe teaches creative writing and gives lectures and courses in Norway and Sweden.

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