Tone Hødnebø (NO)

Tone Hødnebø  (1962) was born in Oslo and grew up in Tønsberg,. She studied in Bergen, where she still lived when her first poetry collection, Larm, was published in 1989. Since then she has published five collections of poetry, a small work on poetics, Skamfulle Pompeii (Shameful Pompeii, 2004, H Press), as well as a translation of Emily Dickinson’s poetry called Skitne lille hjerte (Dirty little heart, 1995) and Anne Carson´s Glass, ironi og Gud (iGlass, irony and God, 2014) . A selection of poetry, Et lykkelig øyeblikk (A Happy Moment) was published in 2005. She has received some of the most prestigious poetry prizes in Norway and is undoubtedly one of the country’s most respected contemporary poets. She has taught creative writing both in Norway and Sweden.