Erling Kittelsen (NO)


Erling Kittelsen (NO) has published poems, fables, two novels, translations and drama. He is the recipient of numerous literary awards and distinctions. Kittelsen is often called a resistance poet because he provides a necessary counterweight to our commercialised culture. At the same time he offers us portals to mythology and to ancient experience which have the potential to channel and transmit our humanity. ”The darkest place is where it happens, out there in the world”, he says. He indicates something which could be a collective portrayal of the future, something which binds all the world´s peoples together. Kittelsen´s acclaim as a lyricist stretches far beyond Norway´s boundaries, and he is regularly invited to present his works all around the world. He has been a pioneer in working with poets in exile, and has translated their work into Norwegian. In addition, he has translated, in collaboration with expert linguists, Latvian folk poetry and classical texts from Persian, Sumerian and Korean. Central to his authorship are his literary dialogues with his own translations of Norse mythology.