Aasne Linnestå (NO)

Aasne Linnestå (NO), born in 1963, made her debut in 2000 with a collection of poems called Small, sacred lies. She went on to write a critically acclaimed poetic collage portraying the Polish artist and playwright Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz in 2002. A foreign country (2006) was her first novel. Since then Aasne has written four more novels: Krakow (2007), Garden Song (2011), Stay (2014) and Mommy is somewhere else (2015), as well as Mother Tongue, a collection of narrative poems published in 2012. She collaborated with musician Maya Ratkje on two librettos, HVIL (2008) and ASYLOS (2013), and wrote and performed a partially improvise piece, commissioned by Oslo International Poetry Festival, Floratorium (2014), with accordionist Frode Haltli. Floratorium was also performed at The Norwegian Festival of Literature in Lillehammer, may 2015.

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